Car rental dropoff

The last few times we’ve been to Disney we have chosen to fly to Tampa (cheaper!) and rent a car and drive up. We fly home from orlando so just rent the car for the day and drop it off and the dolphin. Now I’m seeing the swan and dolphin is extending their closure. The other option is the Disney car care center?
Does it have a shuttle or something to get to the park, or should I plan on an uber or some other transportation. Speaking of, is uber even running in florida yet?

There’s a shuttle but I think just to resorts

I just attempted to book a ride on Orlando from Beach Club to Swan and it let me get to the part where I pay. So I assume it is still running. To my knowledge it never went away, but people have just been much more wary of using it.

Disney Car Care will shuttle you to the park. We used it in December.

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This is from Disney’s site:

Complimentary Shuttle Service
The Care Center offers complimentary shuttle service to the Transportation and Ticket Center at Walt Disney World Resort, which offers complimentary transportation to the theme parks and Resort hotels.

By the time you are going, hopefully you can just get an Uber or Lyft at the TTC to the Dolphin.

Maybe not completely ideal, but you could drop the car off at MCO and take the magical express.