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I’m planning to rent a car for a week in California. We’re arriving in LAX, leaving from SFO. We’re be in LA a couple of days, then DL for a few days, then traveling to SF. I’ve only rented cars for a day or so. I’ve been on a few sites to get quotes, and the various sites (like priceline, expedia) have given me a range of quotes from about eight different companies for the same car & coverage (eg, unlimited mileage) from $280 for the week to $1500 for the week–for the same car. I cannot see what the difference is between the $280 quote and the $1500 quote. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any tips on renting a car for a week? Thank you.

Check out Book the best deal and then go back daily to see if you can book a better one. As you don’t pay up front for car rentals there, you can keep booking and canceling with no issues.

Also, search the Forum for @JackOfAll’s car rental tips - much more detail in his posts.

EDIT: Found @JackOfAll’s post Car Rental Advice from JackOfAll

All the cars are pretty much all the same models for each catagory. I pick the cheapest price for a mid size, standard or full unless I need a minivan. Remember Calif. has free second driver at all car rental locations. Good luck!!

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I reserved a car for early October and found what you did – a huge variety. For example, renting from the on-property site (Avis? Can’t remember) was literally twice as much as renting from Hertz just down the street in Anaheim. And Hertz has a shuttle that will come right to the hotel, so it’s just as convenient. My advice is keep doing the research. The comparison sites worked best for us when we tried all sorts of combinations (dates, sites, etc.). See what’s lowest, then go straight to the specific company’s website too and see if they can beat it. Also even after you reserve, keep checking back. Often there will be cheap deals close to your dates if there are cars available. There are deals to be had!