Car pick up after fireworks at MK

We have a car service picking us up after the fireworks in MK. I know there’s a lot of talk about where an Uber or car service can drop you off for RD’ing in the MORNING (have to have an ADR at the Contemporary, for example) but what about at the end of the NIGHT? Would it be beneficial to take a boat or the monorail to the Contemporary or Grand Floridian and have my car service pick me up there around 9:30 ish? Will they be allowed to do that?

I’ve seen the lines to get to the TTC after fireworks and I’m trying to avoid that.


They will let a Lyft in to any resort for a pickup. So, if you get to one of MK resorts (or any resort) via Disney transportation and call for a ride there you should be fine.

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You can also walk to the Contemporary, and not have to deal with the crowds waiting for or riding on the monorail.


Walk to Contemporary and Uber/Lyft from there. Expect surge pricing, though. A few weeks ago they were charging $35-50. I kept refreshing the app and finally found a ride for $15. Approximately one hour after fireworks/park close.
ETA: Your car service can only pick you up from TTC, so you still have to deal with getting there. Have them pick you up at one of the hotels as suggested. Contemporary is the shortest to walk to from MK.

Can’t the car service just say “I am picking up a guest”? If Uber or Lyft can do it why would a private service not be able to?

I don’t think an Uber/Lyft works with a three year old?

Edited to add: take the boat to WL, see the lobby, and get picked up there.



Contemporary can get busy late with folks going there for pick up.

Besides the lovely WL tree, the lobby has the awesome wood carvings, the wonderful rock layers at the fireplace, the bubbly spring with bridge.
And, the best kid photo spot in all of WDW - the totem pole at the door of the gift shop.

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Great advice, thanks guys! My car service guy is Tony. I think a lot of Liners use him. I havent heard back from him with his best idea so you guys were my next stop! We will definitely go to a resort and meet him there.

Thank yooou!



I was wondering how you got on with this and what the details of your car service are ? We’re thinking of doing something similar.

Thank you

My car service picked me up at Wilderness Lodge. He took us roundtrip to the airport, to Mk and back from MK at night. It worked great!