Car Design for TT - does FPP skip it?

When we went a few years ago, the car design portion of the TT queue was annoying b/c my kids thought they were actually designing the car they would be in. It just wasn’t the best experience for any of us as they melted down. We have a FPP for it this time, so I was wondering if the FPP line skips that part or if you still have to go through it. Thanks, need to prepare everyone this time :).

FPP skips that part, but there is a work-around. If you go in the gift shop at the exit, you can design your car there, which loads it onto your MagicBand. Then get in the FPP line and you get to experience the ride as if you’d designed it in the standby line. That may also be true for the single rider line. I will try it for myself in a few weeks!


When we went last year with FPP, we designed a car. There was a timer on it and we had two people per screen so each kid had their “own”.

Ah yes, I knew there was at least one of the lines where you don’t get the chance to design. I’m glad, for those with FPP, that you DO get to do that. I’m doing single rider this time. Thanks.

You DO go through the design a car room with FPP. You DON’T do it if you use the single rider line. But there IS an option to design a car at the end if you want to use if in the post-show activities.

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I think you CAN in single rider line too - the downside is you’ll get passed in the line as you design your car. But when we went through single rider there were design terminals in there. We didn’t end up stopping as we feared being passed & were in a hurry, but that was likely foolish on our part as the design ended up being my son’s favorite part of the ride. 'Course we did single rider first and didn’t realize that at the time…