Car Care Center - alamo rentals

We are renting a car on the last day of our Disney stay to drive to Ft. Myers and stay with my family for a week. Our plan is to pick up a car from Alamo at the Car Care Center. Anyone ever used them? We are staying at BLT so checking out by 11am. We don’t really have any plans for that day but would like to make use of our last day at Disney. We won’t have any park days remaining so any suggestions? Wondering if it would be smartest to pick up the rental car early in the morning, bring back to BLT and load up our bags - then explore the area? Also, not sure how long it takes to get to/from Alamo from BLT? I believe they have a shuttle.

I’ve used the on-site car rentals and had no problems. You call the day before and schedule a pickup time at your resort and a shuttle will pick you up. I think I did this twice and the shuttle was exactly on-time both times. The drive from BLT will be short (less than 10 minutes), so you can be done with everything pretty quickly. I was delayed once at the car care center because there was only one clerk at the desk. There was only one customer ahead of me in line, but something seemed rather complicated about their rental.

Great to hear it can be that simple and convenient! I often forget how far apart places are at WDW and how long it takes to get to and fro. I’ll probably send my husband to pick up the car in the morning while I pack up and prep the kids for the day.

The Car Care Center is near the toll booth you pass through to enter the Magic Kingdom, so not far from the Contemporary/BLT. Sounds like a good plan to multitask on your checkout day.

If you think of it, ask for a parking pass when you check in (or at some other point during your hotel stay). That will make it a little easier to get around on the day that you have the car if you’re going to another park besides MK (so you don’t have to pay for parking).

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I love Alamo at CCC! We dropped there after driving over from Tampa and they gave us a ride back to our resort. Small and easy to use. We’ve also rented from there. Also nice there is a gas station right there so you can fill up when dropping off.