Car at Saratoga

We’ll be staying at Saratoga Springs SSR later this month for 7 nights for our Welcome Home trip before moving to Polynesian for 3 nights.

I ruled out a rental vehicle earlier due to the high post-COVID rental rates and requested a room in Paddock near Disney Springs, since there is a bus stop over there. However, this week I found I can rent a 7-seater for our 7 Saratoga days through Lyft Business for $630.

We are typically fine with Disney transport and public transit in general. We’re staying in downtown Minneapolis right now and using busses/train whenever we can to expose the kids to a public transit lifestyle. So using busses isn’t a big deal but shlepping 4 kids to/from bus stops in Florida’s late July heat might be worth a rental.

What do you think, $630 for a rental vehicle for 7 days, or put that money towards a couple nice table service instead?

… just want to point out that you’ll be shlepping them to/from parking spots which could/will be a trek in itself unless you pay extra for preferred parking. They are gearing up the parking trolly system now so that means they are expecting to start filling in more parking spaces.


Staying at SSR with a party of 6 I would rent the car. Bus service is not the best there and can sometimes fill up by the time it gets to the Paddock stop at busy times. I’ve also had incredibly long waits at the end of the night since the resort is so large.

this is a good point, I’m not familiar w/ SSR. We used our car to/from parks when we stayed at the campgrounds/cabins b/c transportation was awful, sounds similar to SSR transportation.

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I would definitely get the car. You can park right outside your room.

It’s not terrible, but as a family of 6 I’d want to control my own destiny. I’ve stayed there several times (my home resort) and as a solo traveller I’ve been one of the last on the bus in the morning a few times while staying in Paddock or Carousel sections. The only time I really get annoyed is at the end of the night after closing down a park. The few times I’ve had a car has been great, but I also enjoy some adult beverages and don’t want to risk driving.

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Curious if this is true now that they have restored full bus capacity. (Or put another way, were you seeing this problem pre-COVID? Or just during COVID?)

I just read the trams are not running. If that’s true, we are better off walking to the bus stop from our room than walking to the park entrance from the parking lot.

This was stays between September 2018 and December 2019. Have not been to WDW since Covid existed.

I stayed in Paddock building 65 (last building before Congress Park bus stop). I ended up getting Lyft to/from each park (precovid).

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The tram CMs were called back a couple of weeks ago. It is weird they haven’t started.