Captain's Grille

How is Captain’s Grille? Going there for the first time. I have to say - I called up to ensure that all 8 of us (friends are joining us) would be at a single table and they reservations was very helpful in ensuring it. How is the dining experience? Also - I know Disney is great with allergies - but how is Captain’s Grille specifically - we have 3 people joining us that have life threatening allergies. We have dined elsewhere on properly and the chefs have been VERY accommodating - but curious as to how Captain’s Grille track record is

We LOVE Captain’s Grill. It’s just a very pleasant, peaceful, nautical place to sit and have delicious food. Not too expensive. Not super busy. It doesn’t have the all-out-Disney fun of Chef Mickey or WCC, nor the crazy ambiance/theming of Teppan Edo or San Angel Inn. But we love it and will ALWAYS plan a meal there for pretty much any future trip.

Perfect - I think I am looking for a bit of a respite from the CHAOS


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Then you have found the right place. My DH and I ate breakfast there in sept without our kids, and we took notice of how calm it was. Also the food was divine.


GRAND!! We certainly do our fair share of “Disney” places - but actually the kids also enjoy a bit more “sophisticated” atmosphere. We are actually going there to have dinner with another family that we don’t see often and we sit and chat - so it will be great that it isn’t crowded or loud etc. Glad to hear the food is good. There are some AWESOME places on property - but there are some real dogs as well.

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