Captain's Grille in June '17

I haven’t been able to book a res here for any day during our week. Captains Grille at The Yacht Club. June 10-16. I’m wondering if it just isn’t open for reservations yet. Anyone know anything about this place.? Love the reservation finder on this site, it has helped me get so many great reservations I couldn’t get the first day. Thanks!

We’ve been as walk-ups several times, it’s been super easy to get a table, LOVE the food and ambiance and drinks with flashing light up “ice cubes”. A really lovely retreat from the chaos of the parks. One of our favourites. Prices very reasonable. I’m sure you’re right and reservations just aren’t out yet, rather than it being booked up.

There was a story a few months back about it closing for an extensive refurb. Here It is.

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Ah, thank you! That’s a bummer. Was hoping to get my kids a good (1TS) steak bc I know he’ll be eating lots of junk that week. Hope TYC refurb doesn’t impact TBC too much.

I would eat steak every meal if I could! I have heard that Chefs de France and The Wave have good Starks for one table service credit. I really enjoyed my steak at Mama Melrose (one credit too).

I’ve heard great things about The Wave too! Might check it out, was just hoping for close to our resort The Beach Club.

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