Captain's Grille at YC-Who's Tried It?

Menu looks good…would love to hear some review for dinner or lunch.

Oh! I came running when I saw the thread but I have only been for breakfast- poached eggs on crab…amazing!

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Have only been for breakfast was wonderful :smile:

My BFF swears by this place (she’s also a disney TA) for great brekkie, or casual lunch/dinner. I think it’s easy to get into w no ADR.

I’ve had breakfast (opted for menu item - dark chocolate waffles) and smoothie. Delicious! And, I’ve had dinner there once - had the crab cake. I made slight adjustments to dinner (switched sides from steak to my crab cakes) - very accommodating with terrific service. Dinner was excellent, too. One of my new favorites!

1 Like that’s the chocolate waffles for breakfast - it’s a lovely quiet spot, I would recommend it

Had a pretty decent dinner there. Would not hesitate to go again. No real theme, nothing exotic. Was convenient when we stayed at YC

It all sounds wonderful! Now I’m considering breakfast too! Oh Disney, so much food…when will I have time to ride anything? :whale:

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I completely agree, @PianoMinnie! It’s so hard to choose. Since we’re staying at the YC I’m trying to decide if we should replace one of our ADRs with Captain’s Grille.