Captain Eo - closure long over due?

Just wondering people’s opinion on the closure of Captain Eo. I saw it two days before it closed. IMO, It was so, so bad! Cheesy beyond belief, horrible story and worse acting. And of course, the dance routine at the end for no particular reason.
Your thoughts?

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I agree. There was a time and place for Captain EO, and I’m glad I had a chance to see it, but it’s run its course. I imagine there is some nostalgia associated with it for many guests, though.

I am hoping that they will now use the theater for some other really cool updated 4D experiences.

Didn’t like it in 80s and liked it less in the 2010s… In this group it had the reputation of being second only to Stitch as worst attraction in WDW…

I must be the only one in the world that liked it! lol Funny because i don’t really like MJ, but always liked the movie. But I do agree, Stitch is the worse!