Capitol Tour Trick

I’m a lifelong D.C. (and suburbs) resident, and heard this urban legend trick long ago. If you want to tour the Capitol, contact your Congressman or their staff. But you must first mentally change your residence to Hawaii, or Guam, or Samoa, or Alaska. We get lots of tourists from New York and Florida, but not many from Guam! With Congressional elections coming in November, congressional staff from small remote districts should be glad to meet their “constituents”!

I visited the Capitol as a kid, and don’t feel the urge to return. I can’t personally vouch for this trick, but let us know if you use it.


Interesting. I’ve received emails from Steve Scalise “inviting” us up to the capitol.

I’m from Kentucky and when we did a Capital tour, we just contacted our Congressman and set up the tour. Didn’t have to change my residence. It was pretty easy. The congressman had one of his interns give us a personal tour. We left our belongings in his office. It was just us and was really nice.


This is my experience too!

Additionally, you can make tours directly through the Capitol Visitors ceneter now. You can pick up a gallery pass for the House or Senate from those offices.