Cape May seat early?

We have a 10:25 am ADR for Cape May. If we show up between 9-10:00 am, do you think it is likely they would seat us early? We’re a party of 5.

I’d like to know the answer as well.
We have 9:30am ADR at Cape May (party of 3), would love to be able to arrive up to 30 minutes earlier.

I would keep checking the reservations to see if anything earlier opens up. A lot of people cancel the day before. I wouldn’t count on being seated early if you just show up. Are you doing the character breakfast? The character breakfast at Cape May Cafe was a huge hit with my family last year. The made-to-order crepe station was fantastic!


Both times I have had breakfast there, we checked in 10-15 minutes before our reservation but weren’t seated until ~5 mins after our time, so I wouldn’t count on it.

Yes @bhoey we are doing character breakfast. 10:30 is just a little too late for us, and it puts us too close in time to our buffet dinner reservations for 1900 Park Fare. We have a shortened trip this visit and we’re trying to squeeze in quite a few things. Relying on the day before for cancellations does not make me happy.

@megan484 I was afraid of that. In Dec, we went to a buffet a full hour early and they seated us. I guess it’s just the luck of the draw.

Can anyone tell me what there is to do at the Beach Club if we go early but can’t get seated?

The Beach Club has a nice lobby with lots of seating. When we were there in January, they took my cell number to text when the table was ready. This was nice since usually with the pager system, you can’t really wander off too far.

There’s a lot to explore at the hotel. Nice gift shop. You can also wander towards the Yacht club and explore a bit. But, ultimately, when they call your name, you need to be right in the waiting area.

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