Cape May or 1900 Park Fare?

In planning for our upcoming Disney vacation, I’m trying to decide between 1900 Park Fare or Cape May Cafe for our only character meal this trip. We will be visiting the end of November. The price is comparable to each other so I guess the question is which one has the better breakfast and the best character interaction? Thanks!

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Very different characters present. Does that matter?

No, not really.

Well, I think the breakfasts are comparable as far as the food goes… they’re both your standard breakfast buffet, with a crepe station at Cape May and a carving station at 1900 PF. There are a couple of speaking characters (Alice and Mary Poppins) at 1900 PF, where it’s all big-headed costume characters at Cape May. The characters at Cape May may be more recognizable to very young children, on the other hand.

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Thanks! I was wondering if the food quality would be comparable. A crepe station sound yummy though!

We did dinner at 1900 Park Fare in December and LOVED the character interaction! You get five characters, three of which come to your table. While the buffet offered a plentiful variety of options, I thought the food was just so-so. By far our best food experience was at 'Ohana for dinner (no characters) and Garden Grill for breakfast (chip, dale, mickey, pluto?). GREAT character interactions at Garden Grill. Best we had by far for the whole trip.

Don’t know if this will affect your choice, but Cape May is only a character dining at breakfast, not dinner (sea food buffet).

I have done Cape May a lot of times but a few years ago, on our first trip onsite, and we loved it - breakfast and the characters.

Not been to 1900 park fare, so can’t compare for you.

I can’t say anything about the food comparison, but if you are going at the end of November, holiday decorations might be up and if so, 1900 PF would give you a great chance to see the Christmas decorations at the GF, including the large gingerbread house! If you rode the monorail, you could even stop at the other monorail resorts and do a quick tour to see the decorations at each of them. That would give 1900 PF the edge for me! :sunny:

I really like Cape May.

One thing, and it may be a small detail (but that’s where Disney shines) is that 1900 is a windowless, sprawling room. Cape May is bright and laid out a little better, IMHO. It’s a weird thing about 1900 that I felt was a bit of a let down.
Last time we ate at 1900, for dinner, one of the stepsisters was absent. Also a let down. Part of the premium price is the characters. I’m sure the face characters aren’t as easy to swap out if one gets ill. I think it’s more of sure bet that all the advertised characters will be present at Cape May.

Also, the crepes were very good. I’ll take that over strawberry soup!