Cape May. Breakfast, dinner, both or neither?

We’re staying at BC and like the look of the menu at Cape May for both breakfast and dinner. Is it any good? Which would you recommend or is it one to be avoided? Are both meals good?

Both meals get really good reviews as long as you enjoy seafood. I know when I walk past it it positively reeks of seafood lol, but I don’t enjoy it. The breakfast is a very low key slower paced character meal and doesn’t book up nearly as fast as others, and plenty of people rave about the seafood buffet dinner. Don’t think you’ll really go wrong with either.

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We had breakfast there with no complaints with food and characters. It was a bit awkward when we were getting photos with Minnie and the waitress interrupted to give us the bill

I enjoyed both meals there. I LOVE seafood, so I really enjoyed the dinner.

The breakfast was also fun and the food good. It’s usually Minnie, Goofy and Donald. No Mickey from what I recall.