Capacity Limits

Disney restaurants are still at limited capacity, right? Made our ADR’s this morning and didn’t get Le Cellier, Sci Fi, Oga’s or Beaches and Cream. I’m wondering if capacity may open up prior to our trip which could allow more ADR’s to open?

I am hoping they will at least open more restaurants. Reducing the 6ft spacing in restaurants might still be tricky.

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Well, NYC is planning on opening restaurants at full capacity by 7/1, so you never know.

But I do hope more restaurants open, especially if park capacity increases.


If they add capacity - which I think they will - they will have no choice but to increase restaurant capacity as well. It’s already tight and difficult - as you saw today - to get ressies at 60+10


Yes, it was much more difficult than other years. I’ve never not been able to get a restaurant I wanted. Keeping my fingers crossed something comes through if I keep checking or through the reservation finder.

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I have a few alerts set up (2 on TP and several other places) for my May trip and it’s so weird to not have gotten a single notification from them. On past trips I’ve used the reservation finder with much success. I am just hoping/thinking people will cancel as it gets closer. Makes it harder to plan but I’m just trying to stay flexible and realize that I might have to do the walk-up list or just to QS.


I have gotten no alerts for mid May on reservation Finder, either.

Does anyone else with a trip planned for May hope capacity stays as is for now? Selfishly, I do.



I have mixed feelings. I would really like to see more restaurants open up since some of our favorites are closed.

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Unless they’re able to open up more attractions, more dining, and increase ride capacity tout suite, then yes I definitely want capacity to stay as is for May.

We are here at WDW this week and ALL the Disney restaurants we used are still at reduced capacity. The lone exception was Boathouse (a non-Disney restaurant in DS), which had tables so close my wife and I walked away from that reservation when we saw the actual set up from the receptionist podium. No way were we going into that place. Otherwise we felt perfectly safe & comfortable in the Disney ones. FWIW, most of the ADR’s we were able to obtain were via reservation finder sites.


Some final observations. Re-opening closed restaurants is probably the key. We asked a waitress how long she thought they’d keep these arrangements up. She didn’t know obviously and mentioned that many of her friends were still laid off. Depending on the layout and table location, we were anywhere from 8-10 feet away from the nearest table, and 15-20 feet … or more, away in others. Of the restaurants we were seated, Whispering C, GF Cafe, and Ale & C were the most spacious, The Wave was the closest. Topolinos was mixed. Ironically we “felt” safer in all the sit down restaurants than we felt in any park. Crowds are back and unfortunately, a bunch of pre-pandemic behavior is as well.

Yes, I do too. I have never felt so much anxiety over a WDW trip before. Worried about crowds, wearing a mask in the heat, non-compliant guests, transportation issues, lack of experiences, inability to change park reservations, etc., etc. It’s the only week that my kids are both free at the same time though.