Can't upload pics on iPhone 6/iOS 8

I seem to be unable to upload photos on a forum post using my new iPhone 6. :frowning:

I think it could be an iOS 8 thing.

Testing uploading a photo using IOS 8, IPhone 5, mobile safari

Edit: Yep, didn’t seem to work. Think IOS 8 issue. Was able to upload on my 5 w 7.

Thanks for starting this thread @Sorcerers_Apprentice. I know we’ve chatted about this elsewhere, but I wanted to add my data point here. I haven’t been able to upload photos since I installed iOS8 on my iPhone 4s, and all the floating windows, odd text box, can’t see what I’m doing problems for phone use from the first week of the forums are back.

@SallyEppcot, I’ve also had trouble with the odd text box and floating windows. My phone has also been freezing at random times. I installed yesterday’s new update to iOS8 and I’m still having the same problems. I haven’t tried uploading a picture yet.

Hoping this works.

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Oh yeah! I forgot about your suggestion to look for the iOS update @scrapper1617. I’ll try that now. I dread plugging my phone into my PC because I don’t have a Mac, so there’s always a 50/50 chance I’ll be sitting at the computer for hours trying to sync my phone.

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My picture uploaded, so maybe the update will help that problem.

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I’ll come back when I’ve done it…probably in 2 hours or so. LOL

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Apple says update includes a fix for safari pic upload. Hoping this update doesn’t crash phones like the last attempt.


I think we’re following each other today @Sam2071. :slight_smile: You (and everyone else) are always welcome in the Clean Open Thread if you feel like chatting. We mostly talk about tea, books and Disney.

Crossing my fingers. The two photos I took since the last sync have imported, and now the phone is syncing. I’ll click on the “update iOS” button soon.