Can't see touring plans in dashboard

Hi all! I have been hard at work on my touring plans, and finally got to make my ADRs today! YAY! But I have a problem that seems so basic and yet I can’t figure it out! :smiley:

I have created my touring plans for each day using the Add Plan button on each day in my dashboard. The plans are created and optimized and have the correct dates listed on the plans. I see the list of touring plans on the right side when I go to .

But I just can’t seem to get the plans to show up with each day on my dashboard! And when I click Add Plan, it only walks me through creating a new plan, I can’t see how to make the plan I already added show up for that day on the dashboard. What am I doing wrong???


Did you click on the link, on the dashboard, to “add a trip”? That will make a trip display that takes up most of the room in the center of your dashboard. It will display dates, crowd levels for each day, average high temp for each day, and list the touring plans for each day.

Yep, I added the trip, I see all my trip days listed in the middle of the dashboard, all the crowd levels etc that you mentioned. Everything except my touring plans that I created for each day! Let me see if I can add a screen shot somehow.

OK let’s see if this works. Here is a screen shot of my dashboard.

As an example, I circled “Add plan” which is what I did for Mar 7 and I created the touring plan called AK1. So I can see the day, and I can see the plan, but the plan doesn’t show on the day Mar 7. The plans only show in the lower right corner, not listed for each day that I created them for. Aren’t they supposed to show up inline for each day?

This may be a dumb question, but did you set the date of the plan to match the date during your trip? Did you set the year correctly?

And Kenny the Pirate is awesome.

OMG that’s what it was! I knew I was missing something basic! lol! I thought since the day was already there in my dashboard when I clicked “add plan” on a day, that it was automatically adding it for that day. But NOPE I was supposed to manually select the day. OOPS! THANKS SO MUCH for your help! And yes I like Kenny the Pirate too! His site is great!

Thank you!!