Can't modify FPP

So I have a FPP reservation that I can’t change. When I go into MDE it does not give the option to Update that particular FPP like the other ones. Does anyone know what is going on?

This fast pass was not made under the “umbrella” of someone you know that is staying on-site ?

All of the fast passes were made at the same time in the same account. They were made at the 60-day mark (60+3 actually) because we are all staying on property.

Did you make them or someone from another account?

Our Disney Travel Agent made them but I’m pretty sure she was using our account.

Is this the only one you can’t modify?

It sounds like the TA used their own account to make it perhaps? That is a recent change, in that if you make them for other people linked to you but not on your own reservation, they cannot be modified (possibly until a certain time &/or by those who were “umbrellered” into the FP).

The TA may be able to modify it for you.

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Ok. So I looked a little more. It says that it can’t be modified because it is:
“Please enjoy an extra FastPass+ experience!
Experience, date and number of Guests can’t be changed.”

The thing is that the four of us only have three fastpasses for the day including this one. Has anyone seen this before? Can we add another fastpass for the four of us?

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Fascinating! I’d certainly try to add another FP.

Yes, you should be able to. This is a bonus FP you’ve been given.

Thank you everyone on the advice. I was able to make an extra fastpass. However, the park this was at was Hollywood Studios, so we have just ended up with two fastpasses for Star Tours (plus SDD and RnRC). So not a particularly great score.