Can't Miss Shopping

What are some can’t miss souvenirs or shops? I’m a fan of all things spooky, so Memento Mori at MK and Tower Hotel Gifts and Villains in Vogue at HS are already on my list.

Other suggestions of your favorites?

Just FYI, Villains in Vogue is undergoing a refurb right now (item two in this listicle)which will (from what I understand) be turning it into a more general giftshop called Reel Vogue. It’s “reel” disappointing, in my opinion, as I love the Villains.

Mouse Gear in EP is probably my favorite “souvenir” store in any of the parks. If you collect Christmas ornaments, don’t miss Germany in EP and Disney Days of Christmas in DTD (the LS Christmas shop has the same merchandise as the DTD location, but a much smaller selection). The Art of Disney stores have some great higher-end collectables and wall-art items. Mickey’s Kitchen in DTD has great Disney stuff for… you guessed it - your kitchen. Also has a great selection of spice blends and exotic salts. If you are looking for Celtic things, the Raglan Road gift shop has a much better selection that the shops in the UK (not surprising). Mitsukoshi in Japan is HUGE and lots of cool things to look at (as well as a sake bar).

And of course there’s The World of Disney in DTD - kind of the Walmart of Disney souvenir shops (but with the Disney price tags).


Ah man! I just saw that after I posted. Any suggestions for great villains stuff?