Can't get personalized touring plans to work

i must be doing something wrong.
I am going in peak period (few days after Christmas) but still this seems buggy.
it stops showing times after the third attraction!
and i’ve tried to do one for DL and it says i can do everything really easily - that doesn’t make sense for peak times!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am not able to view your plan, I think you need to change the settings. Would love to help once you can get it to post.

I updated it!
thanks for checking

For problems like this email, explaining the problem and giving the plan URL. They are usually pretty quick at resolving issues.

I still cannot see your plan. Are you publishing it (is that the word)?

I did publish it. weird.
I’ve emailed the webmaster though.

Thanks everyone!

Also any tips for DL or DCA for the few days after christmas would be great too! or am i being too cheeky? :smile:

It looks like you pasted the normal link to your plan, not the shareable link. When you publish your plan it will display the shareable link.

Enjoy the decorations, bring lots of patience, take it all in during the penguin shuffle moments along Main Street. Ride IASW holiday early (my TP last year said waiting until 11am was ok and would be only a 20-25 min wait, It was NOT.

At 10am we passed it and saw the line was already 40 min but we so wanted to see it for our first time so we got in line. Made friends with a Canadian family behind us with their young son and our two small kids.)

The line does constantly move it’s not a horrible wait, but it is quite sunny in that line and even in December SoCal sun seems hot for this temperate-climate girl.

Also et a FP for HM holiday. Both overlays are fantastic and must do’s.