Can't get another fast pass+

We rode test track using fast pass plus this morning, and wanted to try for another fast pass plus to ride Soarin’. But the Disney app won’t let us. The unofficial guide says we should be able to. What’s up?

Did you use 2 tier2 fastpasses? You have to either use these or let them expire before you can get another tier1 fastpass.

You have to have consumed (used or let expire) all 3 of your fastpasses before you can get a 4th. That may be the issue.

I think you have to use all 3 of your Fastpasses before you can claim another. According to the Lines app, the only Soarin’ FastPasses left are after 7 pm tonight.

If you have used all three FPP (including 2 tier 2 FPP) or if the 2 tier 2 were scheduled prior to your TT FPP and have expired, you should be able to schedule a 4th for any ride. You can try logging out and logging back in or heading to a kiosk.

So this is a total newbie question for those responding but can you cancel a fast pass in advance? Say if you happened to be able to ride it at RD and you don’t care to wait till 12 and ride it again. Could you cancel it in the AM and hope to get something else?

Yes. I’m 99% certain that’s why it’s often suggested to keep checking FP options all the way up until the day of your trip.

Absolutely. You can modify to another ride, change the time, or cancel completely. If you are in the tiered parks you can’t cancel a tier 2 and replace it with tier 1. To get a 2nd tier 1 you must use/expire the tier 2 and tier 1. Your 4th and beyond could then be any tier.

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Oh that’s right. I forgot to factor in the tiers. Thank you, very helpful!!