Can't find emails

It says I have had 15 emails on my crowd tracker but I can’t find any of them. All I have are ‘generic’ touring plans blog emails. Could someone tell me what email address they are sent from and what the subject line of the emails are so that I can try to find them. Thank you

I’m not sure @Sewingbea, but staff should be able to help you out. I’ll tag @Lentesta. If you don’t hear from someone tonight feel free to message me (click on my picture) and I’ll look around for the answer. I can’t do it right now because I have to take my kids to swim team. I’m afraid I’ll forget to return to this after swimming, so please ask if you don’t get an answer!

I’m back! I’ve looked at my Dashboard and I don’t see any recent emails alerts that I’ve received, but that’s probably because my trip is now over, and I don’t have another one planned. I know the emails you’re asking about though. Most emails that I get from TP are either from or or the name of a particular person like Len or Daybreaker

If I remember correctly, the only emails related to the Crowd Tracker that are important are the ones that tell you about changes to the Crowd Calendar. However, once the changes have happened, the actual alert is no longer necessary, so you don’t really need to find the old emails. All the updates will be reflected in the current Crowd Calendar, so just double-check your dates to make sure there haven’t been any big changes. You should also re-optimize or re-evaluate your personalized Touring Plans, just in case the data has changed enough to affect wait times.

For new emails, I suggest looking at your profile on the Dashboard to make sure you have clicked the box to allow email alerts. I’m not sure of a good plan for catching the next email if they’ve been going into your junk mail, but maybe you can search for that ending for email addresses and mark emails from that address as safe.

I hope this helps! If you still need more help, you can email staff at and ask for help. They are very good at responding to personal emails.

All the touring plans alerts that I have received over the past few months have come from