Can't decide which park on this day

I’m starting plan our May-June trip already, and just trying to get an idea of the best days to go to each park before booking the main restaurants. Using the crowd calendar I’ve decided on June 1 to use morning EMH at MK, then book Crystal Palace for breakfast around 9:30, then park hop to another park as seems to be recommended. However choosing which is the best park to go to next is tricky. Gay Days will be at HS, so not recommended. The predicted crowd level for Epcot that day is 8 but all others 7. AK has evening EMH, which we won’t make the most of due to our early start that day. Also, how likely are the EMH to change 6 months out?

So which would you suggest would be least impacted? I’m thinking AK would probably be the best because they seem to have evening EMH every day that week, so hopefully not too impacted by it.

I’m also surprised that the crowd levels for HS are not impacted by Gay Days, as I’ve heard in a few other websites that it can impact quite a bit.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Or maybe we could head to a waterpark after that?

So, I am planning for that day too. We are also going to use the EMH for MK. I think we are going to go hard for the first few hours, then head back to the hotel for swimming etc. from about 11-2, and then may head back to the MK for a couple hours that day. We are planning a little bit of an early night, so probably out the parks by 7 b/c we are going to do EMH at AK the next morning as well.

But I have been wrestling with the same crowd calendars!

I will follow to see what you decide.

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To answer your question, Disney can change park hours a lot. Final hours will be adjusted probably about 2-4 weeks before the date. That being said, Friday AM EMH at MK have been a staple for a while. But there are no promises really, until just before we get there.

Not very likely. Although park hours themselves are frequently updated up to and including the day before, EMH days are rarely changed once the have been published. Just bear in mind that anything in the TP calendar is just a prediction until WDW releases the official calendar.

As far as DHS is concerned, I’d be less worried about Gay Days impacting crowds than the opening of Toy Story land.

I think I’ve read that Memorial Day is the most touted possible opening day so far. When’s that, I know it’s May / June…? But until that is actually announced it’ll be difficult to plan around it. If I was staying onsite at it’s opening day I’d be trying to take advantage of EMH to see it, but so will everyone else lol! And some are tipping it to open much earlier btw.

I would not compare the crowd level numbers at different parks because numbers mean different things at the same park. I would more try to hit each park at the lowest possible number during your trip. Sounds like it might be worth doing Epcot that afternoon. You could do your FastPasses there and do pretty well. Early dinner and call it a night.

Ditto that.

Thanks everyone! I hadn’t realised Toy story land would be opening just prior to our visit. Another thing to take into account. I think we’ve decided to go to the water park after EMH at MK. We don’t feel we need a whole day at a water park as we’ve been to plenty of those, so that should be fine for that day.

For the week of our visit (May 29 - June 6) HS May 30 seems the b est bet for HS. We’ll play it by ear if Toy story opens before that and see how that may impact crowds.