Can't 'change' FPs? Must remove and try again?

Is this new or am I doing something wrong?

I booked FPs, not exactly what I wanted, and was going to see if I could change them to better times, but I get this message when I try to go in:

Is this new or was this always the case? Is there a way to “modify” anymore?

If you already have FPs booked, bring them up on your plans. Not through the “Add Fastpasses” option. That message suggests you have gone in trying to add new ones.

Once you bring them up, you will see a modify button next to each one.

On the website, if you click on “My Disney Experience” along the top, the first option on the drop down option is “My Plans”. Click on that and sign in. It should come up with “Ariadne’s Plans”.

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There is an Update button, but when I click that, it brings to the same message

Is this after you’ve gone in to the modify screen and chosen a new time?

I go to my plans and it gives that Update option. Then I click on Update and it brings me to the first message that says to cancel.

I suspect it’s another glitch. Try clearing your cookies, using a different browser, or trying a different day. I currently can’t customise my MBs because they have disappeared.


May be a silly question, but are you sure you haven’t added anyone to the plans who doesn’t have a ticket linked?

I still don’t understand where you are. You entered MDE into the “My Plans”? Don’t click on Fastpass+ along the top, scroll down until you see your plans. Go in that way.

I don’t have any tickets or plans, so I can’t show you. Hopefully someone else will be on soon who might be able to screen shot each step.

@missoverexcited - That is with Chrome. Firefox isn’t allowing me to look at my plans, but I was able to book the FPs through Firefox.

@Nicky_S - That’s exactly what I did… My Plans, scroll to my FPs, where it has them listed and the people and then the Update/Cancel. I click on the Update and it brings me to the Add Fastpass screen.

Wait! I have to choose “View Details” and then it will let me modify!


Well done! Glad you figured it out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I was starting to freak out a little and I wish I’d figured it out closer to 7am, as I’m sure I lost out on a few better times, but over all I’m happy.

The thing is, DCL (Disney Cruise Line) makes you cancel excursions/events you book on your cruise if you want to check for better times. I thought maybe they were going to that for the FPPs, too. It makes a lot more sense to allow people to change rather than cancel and hope to rebook.

Well now you know how to modify, you just need to learn how to refresh on the App and you’re good to go! It’s similar, just modifying and checking for better times.

I do need to do that, but it scares me. My app on my ipad is so flaky. Sometimes it takes forever to sign in and other times I can be looking at stuff and it just crashes.

So it’s not just me? I’ve been looking for the past 3 days and my MB order is not there when it still should be.

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No, lots of reports on chat too. Some people had it happen last year and said it came back, and I remember that some people called to customise because they were getting to the cutoff date.

Good to know. I messaged my TA and she couldn’t find them either. I have a week before my customization deadline so I may to call if they don’t reappear in the next few days.

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I’m having glitches in the ADR and FP system over the last couple of days. I’ve just had to be patient and retry…eventually it will work. Good luck!