Can't build any DL custom plans

I have been trying all day to build a couple of touring plans (1 for DL and 1 for DCA), but after I put in rides, it goes to evaluate screen but has a spinning dial and won’t give me the option to optimize or evaluate (those buttons aren’t visible) no matter what I try. I’ve tried with 3 different browsers, logged and back in, cleared history, reloaded, erased, started again, and same result. Anyone else having issues just doing a basic custom tour for DL? Or any ideas what is going wrong. Any help greatly appreciated… I need these plans for the 11th and 12th so speedy help appreciated :slight_smile:

I saw on WDW chat that this is happening to multiple people. There appears to be something wrong with the software today. Frustrating for sure, but at least you know it isn’t you or your phone/computer. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Great. That is actually a relief, you are right. If it’s everybody then I’m sure they’ll get on it and get it fixed. Hopefully soon (crossing fingers)