Can't access Disney website or MDE. HELP! Anyone else?

I haven’t been able to access my MDE on my PC or my phone. It tells me my user name and password don’t match. OK. I use it almost every day! I know my user name and password. I called the number provided and they said to reset my password – except it won’t allow me to do that either. She said she was not aware of the system being down. HELP! Is this happening to anyone else???

I just tried to log in on my computer and had not trouble. Maybe try clearing your cache? Or check to make sure your caps lock isn’t on? Um…I’m just brainstorming.

Thanks @SallyEpp_cot. I tried clearing cache, switching browsers and cap locks. It’s uncanny that it’s on both my PC and the app. I will try call them again.

I hope they can help you reset your password. And I hope you haven’t been hacked or something horrible like that!

Phew!! I called them again. Apparently something linking my user name to my password got truncated. Easy fix for them and I’m back online (and all my FPP are there!). Phhhew! That was kinda scary for a little bit. Thanks again @SallyEpp_cot!!

I’m so glad they were able to sort this for you! (Sorry I was slow to check back tonight.)