Candy Sushi Rolling

I signed up for Candy Sushi at the Food and Wine Festival. Looks like fun. Anyone done it? Have any tips or reviews?


We are signed up as well, so I am following to see what everyone says!

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We did it last year - it was great fun and we ended up with far more candy sushi than we could eat (three times what’s in the picture)! DD was 4 at the time. She did need help with some of the cutting, but ended up with some absolutely beautiful creations!


i signed up my daughters too… looks cute and fun

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Thanks so much for bringing this event to my attention. Sounds fun! For party size, should I just put 2 for DS5 and DS3 or 4 for all of us?

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If you all want to make sushi you need to put all your names down. If it’s just the kids doing it, with the adults supervising or whatever, then just make a reservation for 2. :slight_smile:

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They look better than I thought they would. Thanks for all the feedback, think I made a good choice here.