Candlelight Processional & MVMCP in one night?

Can it be done? I really am having a hard time finding CP on the other dates that I am there. :frowning: just the Party night! Of COURSE! :frowning:

I wouldn’t try it. Even if you get the first show you probably wouldn’t be over to MK until 6:30 or so. What week are you looking for?

yeah, I kinda thought so. 11/29-12/3 for CP 12/1 for MK. 12/1 is the day with all the CP openings :frowning:

I have been looking for the same week. Yesterday I saw a bunch of availability for 12/2 for 4 people for lunch. I picked one and wanted to change to a different time and then they were all gone again. I have called the dining line twice and keep getting told no availability for any time for any amount of people. I just got one for 2 people for 12/2 and saw most of the restaurants with availability during lunch. Now I can’t see anything again. Keep checking!

Same here. It is acting SUPER glitchy