Candlelight Processional -- Is it better to do a dinner package?

I have never been to the Candlelight Processional so it is a must do on our trip…Can you tell me more about doing the lunch/slash dinner packages? (I have done the Fantasmic one before so I know how they work) But There are slim pickings for the dates I am looking at… none of our fav WS restaurants are available…so I am torn… How much extra is it? (Cheaper to do lunch versus dinner?) How is the seating? How last minute can you arrive versus staking out a seat way ahead? It’s just DH & I on a very short trip… so weighing whether to dine at a restaurant we really want and skipping the dining package or to settle for a lesser favorite restaurant as a tradeoff to guarantee seating at this special event?

We had lunch for the less expensive price and early show. Seating is first come/first served for the show. People do line up ahead of time for closer seats. For our show, the line was all the way to the Morocco Pavillion before they started letting people in. I think they started letting people in about 20-30 minutes before the show started. We got in line when the line hit Japan. Had seats almost in the back row. Almost full show, they did let a few non-package guests in at about 5-10 minutes before the show. Unless you were planning on taking high quality close up pictures, I don’t think seating makes a huge difference. The music and singing were beautiful, there just wasn’t much to see other than watching the choir sing. Depending on who your narrator will be, if you want to try stand by seating, people line up hours before the show just on the chance they will get in. Or you can find a comfy place to sit near the theatre and just listen to the show.

Package was a must for us

It was all the way to Morocco with just CLP Package people? or standby? That’s a scary thought lol. We booked lunch because it was definitely cheaper. Some of the dinner packages go up to 90 a person yikes lol. How early do they start lining up? I want to do the package so i’m not sitting around in a line lol.

45min-hr last year (w a package) gave me my pick of seating with still a line almost reaching Morocco. Actually sat next to the Biggest WDW Cheese (after MM of course)

Just package folks. Stand by stood on the other sideas of the theater and the line snaked it’s way towards Mexico. Not sure how long that line actually was.

The Package line was back to Morocco. We waited until it started moving and joined it when the end hit Japan. That way we were moving instead of just standing there.

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Same here