Candlelight Processional dining reservations return time

If you have had a Candlelight Processional dining reservation in the past. Assuming you had a lunch time reservation were you offered different times or did they just give you one with no options. I want to get a 5 PM time. Thanks

It seems slightly random this year but it will tell you the showtime when you book. Mine looks like this for the 8:30pm show.

Reservation for 6 Guests on Monday Dec 20, 2021
CAN - Biergarten (8:30 PM) Lunch

ETA: It doesn’t show this when you first book, so I would suggest finding the earliest lunch time, clicking on that and then seeing what show time pops up at the top.

I just saw a 145 Lunch for the middle show- and the 5P dinner for the last show. So if you want the first, I think you’re the earliest lunch.

I have a 12:10 lunch with a 7pm show and a 2pm lunch with a 515 show. It seems to be kind of random.

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You’re going 2x? I assume they are different narrators?

Well I booked 1 with a yet to be determined narrator bc that’s the only thing available out of my 10 night stay, but was able to add one for another day that works better with my schedule. Depending on who the TBD narrator turns out to be I’ll cancel one of them.

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Ahhh… ok… I started to wonder if you were a choir geek that just wanted/needed to sing the Hallelujah Chorus again again :rofl: :smirk:

No and you definitely don’t want to hear me sing. If I like the narrator though I’ll definitely see it more than once. I went 3 different times one year bc I wanted to see all 3 narrators. I also just absolutely love the holidays!

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We’ve only gone once, it was a treat for my MiL that LOVED it. I don’t need to do it again… but I am a choir geek and did enjoy singing the Hallelujah Chorus (alto… still sang my part) :rofl: :rofl: