Candlelight Processional Dining packages open on 17th Octber

Disney have added this to the CP dining package page.

Booking will be available from 17th October.

“ Beginning October 17, 2023, you can secure your spot for this limited-time experience by booking online. Advance reservations are highly recommended and can be made up to 60 days prior to your visit.”


Was just coming to share this news. Here is the U.S. link


Neil Patrick Harris aligns with our dates! Definitely booking at dining package!


I know they’re not going to close the park to hoppers, but this line still always makes me so nervous: Dining reservations do not guarantee access to a park, and Park Hopper availability may change daily. We recommend Guests book in-park dining at the park where they have a Disney Park Pass reservation.


Sooo excited for John Stamos!! And I’m glad GG breakfast is a dining package option. Would’ve loved if NPH or Jordan Fisher overlapped our dates too


I was thinking the same about breakfasts being an option because there are other restaurants I want to do dinners (so I might make hubby meat princesses for breakfast lol) for and that gives a nice long spread on heavy meals!

Do you recall or does anyone know how the schedule usually works? By this I mean if you book a breakfast do you get 5:15pm and lunches get 7pm and dinners 8?

I am curious because it helps me to pick dinner times which I can book before I can book this package.


You pick the time you want when you book your reservation. For Eat to the Beat, we had a breakfast reservation and picked a 6:45 showtime. (We smartly booked this for Boyz II Men)


Ido t know if it’s a glitch or the U.K. site hasn’t updated yet, but for those who can’t see the list of narrators and dates, here’s a list of them:

  • Chrissy Metz (NEW): Nov. 24-25
  • Luis Fonsi (NEW): Nov. 26-27
  • Ann-Margret (NEW): Nov. 28-29
  • Simu Liu: Nov. 30-Dec. 2
  • John Stamos: Dec. 3-5
  • Neil Patrick Harris: Dec. 6-8
  • Marlee Matlin: Dec. 9-11
  • Brendan Fraser (NEW): Dec. 12-14
  • Eva Longoria (NEW): Dec. 15-16
  • Joey McIntyre (NEW): Dec. 17-18
  • Sterling K. Brown (NEW): Dec. 19-20
  • Jordan Fisher (NEW): Dec. 21-23
  • Steven Curtis Chapman: Dec. 24-26
  • Audra McDonald (NEW): Dec. 27-28
  • Lisa Ling: Dec. 29-30

Link :

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Oh you get a choice? Good to know! The only time I went was in 2021 and they were assigned but it seemed random, like some lunch times were giving the late show and some dinner times were giving the earlier ones


Perfect because I’d rather do dinner later (but is CP better after dark?)

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I loved how in the blog it said next to Eva Longoria (Final confirmation or something check with Brooke) in parens for a minute. Oopsy.


It doesn’t say (that I can find) whether you get a choice this year or not. I think it has been done both ways (or maybe that was Eat to the Beat).

It only says The badge will specify the date and show time they have reserved.


Also these are my options and I don’t know who either of them are:

  • Jordan Fisher (NEW): Dec. 21-23
  • Steven Curtis Chapman: Dec. 24-26

He sings the theme to HEA.


So maybe I should book two dinners when my window opens and then cancel one, once I can book CP.

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Yeah, I’m thinking I’m going go with that one.

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Pssst, @LTinNC82 - did you get a choice in timeslot last year? Or it just told you when you were booking what you were getting.

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First off, I always book in the App so not sure about the website, but I can share how that was last year.

I would search for the date and time I wanted and the CP packages was it’s on separate selection from the list of restaurants (so don’t go to the restaurant page looking for the package.

Once I selected it I was given a choice of restaurant and under that restaurant it listed a showtime and under that the dining time corresponding to the show time. So you could see Coral Reef, 8pm showtime, lunch at 1:15, 2:10 dinner at 3:00, 3:40 etc and select a dining time for whatever show you wanted to see.

It was kinda random too. Like it’s not just “all meals between 12 and 2 are the first show” etc. So you could have the first dining time with the last show of the night or a late lunch with the first show time. You definitely could see all your options and choose the best combo for your schedule though.


John Stamos is my absolute favorite narrator I’ve ever seen. I am absolutely thrilled THRILLED he is coming back and overlaps my dates. I am beyond bummed to miss Brenda Fraser by a couple days though. He was probably one of my first real crushes ever. I watched Encino Man a million times.


Yes. I prefer the 2 later showtimes if I have a choice.