Candlelight Processional dining package question

I have a question about the dining packages for the Candlelight Processional, guaranteeing a spot in one of the showings.

So, let’s say we decide we’ll eat at La Hacienda for the dining package. Based on last year, the 180 days for ADRs opened before the ability to book the dining packages. So, should we first book an ADR for what we hope will be the day we to the CP at La Hacienda de San Angel (or wherever) at 180 days, and then when we book the package, the ADR converts over, or do we need to worry about it at all?

Put another way, do they “hold” enough ADRs at the various participating restaurants specifically for the CP dining packages, so that we don’t have to worry about securing an ADR ahead of time?

Our 180 day window for ADR opens June 4, but last year, CP packages weren’t available to book until July.

I wanted a Trattoria breakfast for December (not CP package). I could not get any ADR at 180. The regular ADRs were loaded when the packages were released.

Interesting. So, you’re saying it wasn’t because they filled their ADRs at 180 days, but because they didn’t even offer them?

Technically, I’m hoping to make our reservation at 180+4 days for La Hacienda.

Yes, they did not load ADRs for many of the restaurants that offer the package until the packages were released. I set up a reservation finder.

We bought the CP Dining Package last year. I had no trouble getting what we wanted, the meal time we wanted, or the CP time we wanted.

I bought it online on the day the Dining Package opened. There were plenty of availability for lots of restaurants. We wanted Biergarten for lunch. But I had to play around with the lunch time to get the 6:45 PM showing.

A couple of weeks after I paid for the CP Dining Package, I decided I wanted to eat at Garden Grill. Character meals are pricey. Instead of making an ADR for Garden Grill, I decided to try to change our CP Dining Package. I called to make the change and the CM worked with me to find the latest lunch time that came with the 6:45 PM showing. I got through on the phone right away. There was no waiting! So, for a little bit more money, we were able to change our CP Dining Package from Biergarten to Garden Grill (GG was just more expensive than Biergarten.)