Candlelight Processional confirmed for this year

Just confirmed that the CP is back. (And so are my posting issues but that’s another thread).


I am THRILLED about this!! :christmas_tree:

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I am so excited about this, one of my favorites

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How do you get tickets to this?

The only “tickets” are with a Candlelight Processional dining package. Certain restaurants offer these are different times; your performance time is set at the the time of booking - I believe you get vouchers when you dine (those may be e-vouchers now, not sure).

Otherwise you can line up to get a seat. The line can start very early for the more popular narrators.

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If you don’t end up actually entering the venue (it’s all outdoors), you can still hear it all and watch much of it (but at a distance - behind the seated people). If you don’t want to invest the time for the whole thing, you can catch several minutes of it while walking past.

Since the festival of the Holidays is through December 30, do we think this will run after Christmas?

It has done so in the past, yes.

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