Cancelling one person from a reservation

How difficult is it to remove just one person from a adr? I have an adr at crt for four, but there is a good chance that ds7 would rather go with grandparents back to the hotel instead of suffering through princesses. Is it better to keep him on the reservation now and cancel later, or should I just get a party of three and add him if he decides to come (does that make any sense?)? Our trip isn’t until June, so he has a ton of time to change his mind.

Is CRT one of the ones you have to pay for in advance? I’m not sure about that side of things…if you don’t pay in advance I would leave the reservation as is and then just show up on the day with 3 of you or 4 if your son decides to join you.
Our family had a breakfast reservation for 3 at BOG one morning of our trip and my husband and son decided they wanted to sleep in and go swimming so I went alone. They didn’t seem all that concerned that a table of 3 was now 1. Just as long as someone showed up.

For a regular ADR (one that’s not paid in advance) as long as at least one shows up for the reservation there’s no charge for a no show. So I’d leave him on forever and just indicate 3 when you check-in and it won’t be an issue.

We had one last month where the reservation was for 6 and we ended up with 5 and it was no issue at all.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is pay in advance…

You lose your money for crt if he doesn’t go. You need to call to cancel his place and get a refund. I think it needs done 48 hrs in advance for CRT Your cancellation time frame is on your confirmation email. A few places are 5 days now.