Cancelling good ADRs 8/26, 8/27, 8/29

Have rescheduled my trip b/c of Star Wars. Cancelling the following. DM me if you want to coordinate a time.

8/26 BOG 5:45pm
8/27 Calif Grill 6:15pm
8/29 Sci Fi Dine In 11:25am (unbelievably our DHS day was planned for what is now, well…)

That last one could be a hot commodity - don’t ADRs garauntee entry if there is any sort of capacity closure?

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This is the information on here about the closures due to capacity

Bumping this. If anyone is interested in coordinating a time with me to release, please let me know by end of day today. Will likely dump them this weekend. Thanks.

(Maybe hold onto the Sci-Fi one and sell release time on EBay. :wink: I kid, I kid…)

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The language I have seen on the Galaxy’s Edge promotional footage specifically states that ADRs don’t grant you access to the land.

So much for my lucrative EBay plans. :grinning:

no, but if the whole park stars going into tiered closing for capacity, an ADR does get you in for most levels.

One final bump. :slightly_smiling_face: