Cancelling a planned trip due to family emergency

Hello liners - looking for anyone who has insight to cancelling a planned trip to WDW. We are due to check in Thursday October 20, 2016 to the BC. We have the insurance just wondering how to start the process.

If you think you’ll be traveling again, just later, you can call and have your reservation moved out to a later date. They may waive the fee since it’s an emergency. There’s usually a $50 change fee. Then you’ll have more time to actually figure it all out and decide a more permanent date.

Then, if you decide you need to cancel, you won’t get dinged the cancellation fee and lose your deposit.

if you cancel right now, you may lose your deposit.


If you have trip insurance and your trip is in three days, then your deposit is not what you need to worry about. You need to call the insurance carrier and find out what documentation they require, and you need to make sure that your emergency fits their definition of emergency (for example, an illness of a family member who is not going on the trip is usually NOT covered by the insurance).

Really - because that’s exactly what happen. My wife’s father is in the hospital. Great.
Thank you

You’ll have to check your exact insurance. I make no claims to know what your insurance covers. I was just giving an example.

I hope everything works out and that your FIL is ok.

If you find the chance, please report back on the outcome re: the trip. I fear that although Disney may be accommodating, any flights may be subject to some fees.

As @GwynneAsh recommended, call the insurance carrier (good for you for purchasing it!). After that, call the airline if there are flights involved.

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