Cancelled trip, dropping ADRs and FPPs 9/8-9/14

Sadly, the trip I’ve been working so hard on is not to be. We were planning to go for my almost-2yo daughter’s first trip with us and my parents, but my father was just diagnosed with cancer and had to have urgent surgery. My parents suggested we could go on without them, but my husband is being very negative about that. He basically told me last night that he thinks he’s going to hate Disney (he has reportedly been as a child, but has no memory of it. I suspect his asshole father is lying), and only agreed to this trip because he thought the rest of us would have a good time. As much as I am (selfishly) dying to go and really think our little family could use the break, I don’t want to drag him along, because he’ll just be passive-aggressive and impatient with our daughter if I do that. So, short version is, we’re just going to postpone, probably to spring 2019. Luckily, I had booked us room-only instead of a package, so we’re getting a full refund the rooms, and we’ll just save our tickets for the next trip. Only thing I’ll likely lose is the tickets to MNSSHP, but I plan to call guest services and see if any sympathetic CM might be able to help me out there.

So, later today (probably this evening), I’ll be cancelling: (all ADRs are for party of 5 except CG)
'Ohana Best Friends Breakfast 9/9 @ 0740
The Plaza Restaurant 9/9 @ 1745
The Wave Breakfast 9/10 @ 0730
Garden Grill Harvest Feast 9/10 @ 1755
Crystal Palace 9/11 @ 1135
Chef Mickey’s 9/12 @ 0700
California Grill (for 2) 9/12 @ 1950
The Wave Breakfast 9/13 @ 0730
Be Our Guest Breakfast 9/14 @ 1005

FPPs of interest: (all are for a party of 4)
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 9/9 @ 1240
Frozen Ever After 9/10 @ 1125
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 9/11 @ 1445
Alien Swirling Saucers 9/12 @ 1030
Flight of Passage 9/13 @ 1250
And tons of others, but doubt anyone’s really desperate for any of them (Soarin’, PP, SM, SE, MS, ToT, RnRC, EE, KS, JC, PotC)

To ease my sadness (and, I fully recognize, my coping mechanism for the stress of my father’s diagnosis), I plan to immediately start planning for our next trip. I’m thinking early May, convince the rest of my brothers to come as well, and rent a DVC villa. That sounds like the cure for our ills, right?

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I’m so sorry about your dad and the cancelled trip. :slightly_frowning_face: I agree, planning the next trip will be very helpful!


I’m so sorry about your dad & your cancelled trip. It is so kind of you to think about passing along your awesome FP & ADRs to others. I’m sure someone will be happy to receive them.
We usually go in spring. Food & Garden at Epcot is a lovely time to visit.

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So sorry to hear this.

Keeping you all in my thoughts. Sending loads of positive healing vibes for your dad. Hugs


I’m so sorry you have all that going on. It sounds like you’re making a good decision for you and your family right now.

I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you.

So sorry that your family is going through such a difficult time. Planning a trip always puts a positive spin on things for me. Sending lots of pixie dust!