Cancelled Jan = bigger and better April

We just did it. Pulled the plug on our January couple trip. I feel like there’s an elephant on my chest and want to cry. We already have a family trip planned for April and with the DVC points going back into our account plus my husband desperately trying to make the sad look in my eyes go away we’re going to upgrade to a 3 bedroom grand villa. With 9 or 10 of us, 4 of which will be 16 year old girls we figured the extra space will be delightful.
Now I need opinions. We’re looking at either Riviera or AKL Jambo. I like the layout of the suite at Jambo, but if the hotel isn’t open by then I’m not keen on staying there. I’m sure the girls would like Riviera better. Give me all your pros and cons of each one, preferably on the room itself. Jambo is our first DVC home and it has a special place in my heart. This would be our welcome home stay at Riviera, so I have no experience there yet.

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Looking at the Riviera point chart, I suspect it is a lot more points? Will that impact any future trips?

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Yes, the points at Riviera are off the charts. We would have to borrow 76 points to do it, whereas at AKL we would still have 129 points left over on our 2020 use year. If we were going to stay 3 bdr at Riviera, this year is the year to do it. I’m 100% sure we will not be in a position again of having 2 years worth of points without borrowing the entire following years allotment. Then again, having the flexibility of a chunk of points left over if we did AKL gives me peace of mind and a little more moving room for a couples trip without having to use 2021 points (our use year is June). But… Riviera is SO nice. I’m clearly stuck in a loop. :laughing:

If it will be a dream come true, do it!

I always think in terms of trips. I always pick the lower point stays, for more trips, but you have to have those dream trips when they are within reach.

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Thanks for thinking this through with me. We decided to get a one bedroom and a two bedroom at riveria for less points and charted out that we can do a 3 bedroom at Jambo in Oct of 2022. I’m happy with that plan. Thanks!