Cancellation/rescheduling policy during pandemic?

So sad. Although I’m trying to keep some level of hope, reality seems to be that even if DW does open by early May (which is so not certain IMO), they might not be running at “full on”. As this is my family’s first trip and a big investment, that’s not what I’d like to experience, so I’m starting to prepare myself to reschedule for next May. Thankfully my kids are not really upset about it…it’s me who’s taking it hard. I had it all lined up with all the ADRs I wanted (Mother’s Day brunch at CG!) great FP times, great TPs made, etc. I spent so much time learning and planning…not that’s it wasted time, as i can adapt what i have and use it when the time comes, but I was Done! (Except that darn Star Wars dessert party that wasn’t up yet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Anyhoo…I’m googling and struggling to find what I feel like I’ve seen before (but somewhat ignored because I was SURE May would be fine). Where can I find Disney’s policy for changes or cancellations during this time? Including travel insurance (through Disney)…I thought I’d seen that they will make it transferable, but I can’t find it now!
I hope all of you get through this with minimal personal impact. It’s surreal.

Scroll down here for the mod/cancellation/refund policy Basically, on accommodations all disney imposed change or cancellation fees will be waived for all check-in dates up to June 30, 2020.

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Thank you.

What is the cancellation policy for trips that are in July? I have two reservations. I’ve only paid my $200 deposits. Will I get the deposits back? My agent said she wasn’t sure if any official decisions were made for reservations past June. I’d like to hang onto my reservations for a little longer until I see if they can be modified.