Cancellation policy for one person on a reservation?

How long do you have to remove one person from your reservation? My dad is bringing my siblings to Disney in october. How long does he have to remove one of my siblings from his reservation and get his money back?

only if it's pre-paid and usually requires at least 24 hours notice.

he won't be charged a cancellation fee on the holds so long as SOMEONE shows up for the reservation and/or he cancels 24 hours prior to the reservation.

I'm sorry I should have been clearer. I meant like room reservation. and dining actually...

for packages, the extra people should be removed 45 days prior to check in to not pay any change fees and such. However, Disney may be flexible on that sometimes. That's when final payment is due. It's much easier to get that all straightened out (if at all possible) before final payment. Otherwise, you may want to look into the travel insurance.

For Room Only: changes can be made up to 5 days prior to check in.

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