Canceling Half My Party - Dining Reservations

Good Morning Everyone!

My DSiL and her family (5 total) have decided not to go to Disney World with me, DH, DD, and DH’s parents on August 31 - September 5. I need to update all my dining reservations from 10 to 5 people and was wondering what the easiest way to do this was? Can I do it online myself or is it better to call?

That being said, I will be dropping 5 seats for all the following reservations and I would be happy to coordinate with someone if interested (I have multiple reservations for some places because we are still finalizing our plans):

9/1/19 - Sanaa at 11:55 am and 5:35 pm
9/2/19 - Sci-Fi at 5:35 pm
9/3/19 - Akershus at 8:00 am and 12:20 pm
9/4/19 - BOG at 8:10 am (I will be canceling this one all together) , 9:15 am, and 11:05 am
9/4/19 - CRT at 2:20 pm

Have a fantastic day everyone!

You can go in to MDE and hit “modify” on your ADRs and change the party size from 10 to 5.

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Thanks @Jennifer. I was going to do that, then I got worried I would mess something up! :slight_smile:

CRT you may have to call. I can’t modify that one, since it is prepay. I can’t modify it even though I use the DDP.
I have found that sometimes, even though you are modifying just to a smaller party, your exact time won’t show up. It is almost like they make you make another reservation, they don’t actually change yours. This was true even when you are on the phone with them. So your times might be a little different, but if you can’t get what you want, just keep the ones you have, you won’t be charged for the no shows as long as someone shows up.

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That’s interesting. If I keep them, will it mess anything up when she cancels her package?

No, they don’t actually care who is on your dinning reservations. You can make dinning reservations for people not even visiting the parks (as some restaurants are outside the parks). They also don’t make sure you have enough DP credits to cover all your reservations. (I never do as I always reserve to include the teens in our family and they only show up half the time.) I would for sure call and cancel her from the CRT and any that are normally prepay. I don’t see you having any others, though I don’t know about Sanaa. I would still try and modify all, but if you can’t don’t worry if you BOG 9:15 is still showing 10 and you only show up with 5 there won’t be a fee.