Canceling a reservation

If somebody on here cancels a reservation and your try to coordinate with someone how much lag time is there for picking p the reservation? Say you are canceling at 815 PM, will that reservation time be there at say 817 PM? Never have done it, just wondering how people do it.

It shows up pretty much immediately.

So if canceled at 815 PM then be ready at 815 PM to pick it up?

Pretty much, that's how it's supposed to work, unless system is wonky at that time. It works best if you have a way to message whomever you want to pick up (I use PM on here). I say ready, here goes, and boom, the person searches. It's shown anywhere from immediately to 5 mins out. It's worked 3 out of 4 times for me.

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It depends. I have heard of the reservations being available immediately, 5 minutes later, hours later, the next day, and never. Some people have had success getting reservations "transferred" to others by making a 3-way call with WDW reservations, and others have not been able to do this.

I agree with that, as well....that's why I wrote "pretty much immediately". I have also read that sometimes there's a delay, but I think it's supposed to be immediate.

I co-ordinated with a liner last week ,she dropped it dead on 5pm we were online and on phone dead on 5pm and we got the ADR

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