Canceling a package?

Good morning all! We are scheduled to go third week of June and everything ready to go. However, we also have our house for sale. There is a possibility at this point of closing/moving/etc. interfering with our trip. I do have a “back up” trip reserved for mid July. What happens if I have to cancel the June package within that 30 day window before the trip? Do I get a refund, a penalty, transfer the funds to the July trip…? Thanks!

If you cancel within 30 days and just cancel but don’t rebook then you will lose some or all of your money depending how close to check in you cancel .

What you could try to do is cancel the July trip and then cancel The June trip and rebook the July trip. You do run the risk of losing whatever accommodation reservation you have because someone else could snap it up instantly. And you do have to call to cancel once you’re within 30 days. You could try to work with the cast member on the line to see if what you’re trying to do will work. But I’m not sure that it will

So if I rebook for a different trip (not counting the July backup), then everything I paid for June will go towards that? It’s tricky timing for sure! I’m hoping if we have to cancel June we can apply that money towards July-not planning on paying the full amount until the very last minute on either trip. Or would it be worth it to buy the trip insurance-not sure it would cover having to cancel due to moving, though. Hmmm…

Yes? I haven’t actually gone through the process. I only know that they are more forgiving about the cancellation policy if you rebook vs flat cancel.

If your trip insurance is cancel
For any reason … then it’s for any reason. And would be worth it.

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