Canceled our pin-code May trip

Sad day. There’s no way I can scrape the money together for a May trip. I was so excited! I never had a pin-code discount before, and we were going to stay 9 days in May for our anniversary.
I wonder what the chances are that Disney sends us another pin code for later? Hopefully I didn’t waste it.


So sorry to hear this! Even if you don’t get a pin code, I hope you are able to go again soon!

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Thank you Jeff! We will be able to go again someday. Even if we have to wait another 2 years… I should be able to save up the money eventually. I’ve change my mindset to Jan 2022 for now. That is probably way too soon, but I gotta have a trip to look forward to.

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As much as canceling a trip stings, Jan 2022 is likely a better time to go than May 2021 because (hopefully) WDW will be back to normal or close to it by then.


Yeah, that’s true. I’d prefer that FP+ are back… not sure they’ll be back by May. Thanks!