Canceled ADR's still show in Disney app

I admit I’m a technical dummy, but anyone know why original ADR’s that I cancelled weeks ago are still showing up on my iPhone’s Disney app? Whenever I click to cancel the reservation I get a notice that cancellations can only be done by phone. All the new reservations are there, but so are the old ones. Very annoying! None of these cancelled reservations show in MDE when I log on with my PC. I also received email confirmations from Disney when the cancellations were originally made. This has got to be more than just a bad case of “fat fingers.” Doesn’t it? :flushed:

Have you refreshed the display on the app (pull down for it to refresh)? That’s happened to me before when I forgot to do that.

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:fireworks: That worked!!! Thank you so much.

Didn’t even know my phone would do that. Thanks for teaching an old dog a new trick. :grin:

Interestingly, the “refresh plans” link in the app did not update anything, but your suggestion did.

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This happens to me often unfortunately & I have to uninstall & reinstall the entire app to get it to reset. It is annoying!