Cancel the double stroller?

So today, with just about 3 weeks to go until we visit WDW, I broke down and purchased an airline seat for my 8-month old daughter ( I previously had her as a “lap infant” but she is not one to fall asleep in someone’s arms and will cry until placed in her carseat or crib). Since I am NOT lugging that heavy carseat through the entire airport, the stroller it clips onto is now making the trip with us as well. I plan to gate check the stroller, with the understanding that I leave it at the gate, and it will be at the gate for me when I get off the plane (we are flying Southwest).

I have a double stroller reserved through Kingdom Strollers (for the baby and DD who turns 4 on Saturday). Anyone have any opinions on whether I should just keep this rental (and thus leave my personal (single) stroller in our room at the Poly all week), or cancel the double stroller rental and rely on my own stroller and the Baby Bjorn to get both kids around the park? I don’t expect DD4 to fall asleep at the parks- we have long midday breaks planned- but I can see her little legs getting tired.

I think it all depends on your DD and how much walking you plan to do everyday. If it were me in your situation, I would keep the double, but thats me. I am going in Sept and I have rented a double BOB stroller, through kingdom strollers, for my 2 DD’s ages 3 and 5.

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I would keep the double rental. Baby carrier is HOT in the parks. Double stroller may be fun for girls to be together and will hold all your stuff too. Last trip was our first of 8 without a double stroller as DS turned 6 on the trip and I kind of missed it.

we used a double stroller til our daughter was 7 and son was 5. We didn’t go again til they were 8 and 10. It was invaluable. If your daughter was like our kids she will get tired even after 2-3 hours as the hotel isn’t their bed and the excitement of everything leads to all over poorer sleep. We took breaks too but they loved the stroller. Plus as you said holding an 8 month old in the heat is no picnic. Plus extra area to keep your bags and drinks.

I have a differing opinion. We were in WDW last summer when my DD was just about to turn 1. Since she was asleep most of the time, I found it much easier to keep her in the baby carrier, instead of putting her in and out of the stroller when we went on rides, into a restaurant or on and off the bus. My DS was 6 then and when he was tired, he’d just sit in the stroller. Most nights when we left the park, he was in the stroller and the baby was in the carrier.

I’m sure a double stroller makes sense for two bigger kids, but with an infant, I’d say the carrier is the way to go.

I would keep the double stroller. A carrier will be hot and DD4 would get tired and need the stroller or be carried. We are renting 2 double strollers when we go in September. We have DD4, DD4, DD4, and an almost 2 year old. However, for us it is a way to contain them all if crap hits the fan and we need to bolt out of the parks quickly too.

Are you taking Disney transportation or driving a rental car?

We rented a double stroller last month for ds6 and dd5…the best thing ever! It allowed us to move much quicker from place to place and give the kids a place to rest and snack as we walked. I think you might get hot and tired with a baby strapped to you all day.

Keep the stroller! Even if 4 year old walks, it’s a place to put all.the.things! Plus, if you just put things in the bottom without a bag, you can go in the “no bag line” :slight_smile:
We did a dbl stroller for my 4 and 8 year old in April on advise from lots of people saying get it. The 8 year old hasn’t been in a stroller in years, but at WDW she very much appreciated that break.

Disney transportation.

One thing to remember if at busy times, when getting on the Disney buses, most strollers (but especially double strollers) will need to be folded. At park closing, we saw a lot of people stuggling with picking up asleep kids, folding the strollers, grabbing all the bags, ect. Single strollers were much easier to get onboard.

Thanks for all of the input Thinking I will keep the double stroller just in case- I hadn’t considered how hot it might get baby-wearing. Anyway, if I keep it, at least I’ll have a choice.

I would keep the stroller and also wear the baby sometimes. We went last year with a 7m baby and 4 yr old. It was VERY hot for May. My 4 yr old definitely benefited from the stroller. If we were in a restaurant or just exploring, baby was in the stroller. But I was glad to have the carrier for rides and when she was fussy. Plus you can always park the stroller and not feel burdened by it at times.

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When we went last year (beginning of November), I did babywear often even though it was hot. I just found it easier, as there were some rides I could continue to go in while he was sleeping and I didn’t have to wake him up to transfer him if he fell asleep before a dining reservation. It worked ok for us to have only one stroller that my younger niece (4) and my son used. I personally don’t think I could have handled a double stroller on the buses, especially when they were crowded. I had enough trouble juggling my son (in the carrier), the bags, and the single stroller to get on and off the bus.

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Keep the double stroller!