Cancel Pop/Add Swan -now what with tickets/parks?

How does one ensure that you don’t lose your park reservations when you cancel your package at Disney hotel (POP) and move to Swan? Do I buy new tickets and link them before canceling the POP reservation? I have already linked the Swan reservation. Maybe there is no big worry of park availability? My trip is early October. Thanks.

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I just did that last week. I linked the Swan before I removed the Pop and all park reservations stayed the same, as did adrs.

But once I cancel the POP package, do my reservations go away when the tickets go away or can I tell the travel agent to cancel the hotel but leave (or re-book) the tickets? I feel a bit badly that I have to cancel on the travel agent (was trying to book through them just to support small biz).

Really no concerns about APR availability for resort guests at the moment. So if you have to rebook them you should be fine.

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Thanks. Good to know!

Just experimented with this on UT. With a December 2020 start date marked, it let me add an 8-day ticket to my bag, but then prompted me to change the start date to January 2021 or later. Also interesting was that the price for an 8 or 9 day base ticket was less than for a 6 or 7 day ticket. Did 2020 ticket prices increase?

I’m glad I had already purchased my wife’s ticket like a year ago. It is an 8-day ticket. And at one point, I pondered converting it to a 9 day ticket…but 8 days will work.

I wonder if you buy a shorter ticket, if Disney would then allow you add more days while there on site like your normally can. This might get around the problem…although there is the risk that when the time comes, park availability would be gone.

P.S. I’m glad we met, ever so briefly, because now when I respond to you I can put a face to the lavenderish “T”! :wink:

FWIW, in the lead-up to my recent trip since a couple of my party bailed I did things like take a person off a resort reservation and moved a ticket off the profile of a person who had park reservations in place. The park reservations never disappeared for that person until I cancelled them. Not saying I would risk it especially for a hard to get reservation, but that’s what I saw.

I wish I had asked while I was there but I had already gone ahead and purchased a 1-day ticket for DS11 for his 8th day so I didn’t. But really I don’t understand why they aren’t allowing longer tickets. They let guests make more than 6-night resort reservations so why not tickets to match the resort stay?

It was great meeting you too, I wish we had had a few moments to visit. I am very private online due to my work, this is the only social media I do. So probably will stick to the lavender T unless I someday figure out how to change it to a character of some sort!

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