Cancel party member off reservation but have them stay in room still?

Hoping someone might have insight on this. DS, SIL and myself signed up for Wine & Dine half in November. She sent me a text last weekend letting me know that she decided she isn’t interested in going to the parks, she’s just going to hang by the pool all weekend, so she wants to be cancelled off the reservation and she’ll just give us money toward hotel room. I know I can still modify reservation, but can I take her off the package and just have her in the room? I just don’t know how that would work with DH and I going to parks during the day, would she get a room key? Can I leave her on the dining reservations and should she join us, she just pay out of pocket?

Thank you for input!

Are you on Free Dining or any other promo packages?

No, just did a room/dining/ 2 day ticket package at whatever the discount is through RunDisney. We got it all for $437 per person, which I thought was pretty good

Well I’m not familiar with the requirements for the Run Disney packages so it might be worth a call. If the tickets are required purchases like they are for Free Dining might be able to keep on the reservation and just pay the surcharge for having more than two adults.

Or maybe someone that knows the specifics for those packages will come along with more help lol…

I’m hoping there will just be a surcharge for having more than 2 people in the room. She said she wants to be taken off completely and will pay cash for all meals. Chances are she won’t join us for meals either. Shrug.


If you purchased the dining plan that does have to be for every person in the room. If you wanted to just have here there but not officially, she wouldn’t have a room key and would need one of your magic bands.

Everyone in the same room has to have the same package. I think you can cancel everything for her and just have her just show up with you at check-in. They can add her to the room at that time. You’ll have to pay the daily extra person fee, but I don’t think they’ll make her have the same park ticket you have. You’ll want her in the room officially because she’ll need a magic band to get into the pool and room.

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Oops. I don’t think I was clear. Everyone has to have the same package if you do it in advance. That’s why adding her in check in will avoid that restriction.

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Ah, okay thank you. I was hoping we could do something like that, if not, she’ll have to make her own reservations since we’ll need our magic bands. Thank you for the help!

@BreaSC - I would still double-check with the CM when you call to take her off the package reservation. I’m relaying information other people gave me when I was trying to figure out how to add a person to my room, so I’d hate to be wrong! I have a room+tickets package and my friend wanted to share my room but have a smaller ticket (2 days instead of 4 days.) The CM on the phone said she could either change my ticket down to a 2-day or give my friend a 4-day ticket, but our tickets had to be the same. She also suggested that I just add my friend upon check in. We didn’t go that route because she wouldn’t have been able to book FP in advance. In the end, she got her own room. I don’t think it would be a problem for your situation though. If your person doesn’t want park tickets at all, then there’s no need for her to book FP, so the last minute addition wouldn’t have any penalties. Let us know how it all works out!

I’ll call today and find out. thanks again!