Cancel for Any Reason Add On - is it worth it?

I am confused about the difference between the current standard cancellation policy and the cancel for any reason add on you can purchase for ~$50/person.

So with 4 people the the cancel for any reason policy costs about $200 - and I think the standard policy says I can still get a full refund if I cancel more than 45 days out, and if I cancel within 0-45 days they charge me $200? Seems better to not buy this policy - am I missing something? Unless “plus fees imposed by hotel” adds something to this? Anyone know?

Link to policy:

I should add we are doing a combo Disney/Universal trip - renting DVC points for Disney portion so planning to buy a 3rd party travel insurance policy for the whole combo trip.

I called universal today and got an answer to this so thought I would post it in case someone else is searching. They did say that the cancel for any reason policy doesn’t make as much sense for families of 4+. The only additional risk if you do not get it is that if you cancel your trip within the five day you are also responsible (in addition to the $200 fee) one night room plus tax - however if instead of canceling your trip, you reschedule it you would only pay the $50 fee.

So since I’m buying whole trip insurance anyway I think I’m gonna take my chances and not by this policy.