Canadians unable to get TP app

Hi, here is something that surprised me:

I tried to get the Touring Plans app in i-tunes but it would not allow me to because this app is not available in i-tunes in Canada.
I’ve never encountered anything like this before!

Any other Canadians out there? What did you do about this?

@mALYficent! Do you know?

That’s SO weird. I’ve downloaded the Lines app on my iPad and iPhone and boyfriend’s iPhone. I wonder if @len or @daybreaker have heard about any updates to the app that would have changed this…? @Gussy30 what exactly did you search in the Apple Store?

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From Saskatchewan over here. Downloaded the app in October and had no issues. Make sure you search “Lines” in the App Store.

Fred, our statistician, is in Ottawa. I’ll have him check.

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Thanks @len! Let us know what you find out. I only just got an iPhone a couple weeks ago and downloaded the app, and didn’t have an issue.

Okay, I think there was some bizarre glitch when I downloaded the latest iOS 8. I had downloaded it right before I tried to get the Lines app yesterday. I just went on iTunes now to see exactly what it said about not being available in Canada and… it loaded on to my iTunes account and on to my phone! Yeah!!!
Not sure what happened. I’ve never seen that before. But it’s working now. Hooray! :ok_hand:


Cool. Thanks for the update! Fred says he’s able to get to it too.